Abra De Ilog

The town of Abra De Ilog (English: Opening of a river) is an emerging tourist destination and a second class municipality north of the province of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. It has a population of 31,306 people (www.psa.gov.ph census) and partially classified as urban.

It has a total land area of 533.70 square kilometers (206.16 square miles).  Population density is about 59/km2 (150/sq mi).

There are currently 10 barangays as follows:

Barangay, Class and 2015 Population

  1. Armado, rural,  2,136
  2. Balao, rural,  3,347
  3. Cabacao, rural,  5,730
  4. Lumangbayan, rural,  3,527
  5. Poblacion, urban,  2,720
  6. Santa Maria, rural,  1,877
  7. San Vicente, rural,  2,855
  8. Tibag, rural,  2,074
  9. Udalo-Camurong, rural,  3,944
  10. Wawa, rural,  3,096

The town of Abra De Ilog is about 139 kilometers south of Manila which is the capital of the Philippines.

From Manila you can get to Abra De Ilog via a ferry or RORO (roll-on, roll-off) ship from Batangas city port to Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.  And from Puerto Galera, take a private “bangka” to the port of Abra De Ilog.  This option may be costlier and take longer time, but foreigners feel this as a safer option.

There’s actually an observable growing number of foreigners, with their Filipino spouses, who start to own and build homes in the towns of Abra De Ilog.

Photo by Ramir G. Cambiado

The other option is from the Batangas city port take a different ferry and go straight to the port of Abra De Ilog.

Photo by Ramir G. Cambiado

The Port of Abra de Ilog (Filipino: Pantalan ng Abra de Ilog) is the main seaport of northern Occidental Mindoro.

Household consumption goods are the main cargoes imported in the port while outgoing cargoes are agricultural products such as corn, rice, and livestock.

The port has a passenger terminal building which occupies 159 square meters (1,710 sq ft) of space and can accommodate up to 100 people. The port has 85 meterss (279 ft) RC pier with two ramps for RORO ferries.

Due to the dilapidated condition of the older ramp only the newer ramp built by the ports authority is being utilized for safety reasons.

As of 2016, Montenegro Shipping Lines and Besta Shipping Lines (orange navigation) have destinations from Abra de Ilog to Batangas, while Caribbean lines (pump boat) has a destination to Balatero (Puerto Galera).

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