240 Hectares Safari Beach Resort at Culion Island

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007-Safari Beach

240 Hectares Safari Beach Resort at Culion Island

A golden sand beach resort

LOCATION: Culion Island, Palawan, Philippines
TYPE OF PROPERTY: Existing Island Resort
LOT AREA: 240 Hectares more or less
HIGHEST & BEST LAND USE: High end beach resort etc.

Water availability: With fresh potable water
Mobile & Internet Signal: minimal mobile and internet signal, should be upgraded Beach Frontage: 1 kilometer golden sandy beach front
Beach sand color: golden sand
Percentage of island that can be develop: 70% to 80% can be develop into high end
Timberland: 82 hectares’ virgin timberland
Special Marine Feature: 54 Hectares Marine Sanctuaries

The property subject of sale is located in Sitio Banban, Barangay Galoc, Culion, Palawan in the western part of Culion Island, Palawan, Philippines, facing the West Philippine Sea, accessible by land and sea transportations. Taking sea transportation using a motorized pumpboat, the place can be reached within one and one half hours. While going to the place through the sea, it passes to the newly developed Sun Light Beach Resort at Sanbag Island (Naglayan), the SOMMACO Pearl Farm and the Pass Island Resort. Taking land transportation using van or motorcycle, the place can be reached within one hour or more on an almost 75 per cent cemented road, around twenty-seven kilometers away from the town proper. It passes through Barangay Malaking Patag where the proposed International Airport is located around ten kilometers from the Safari Beach Resort and Nature Development Corporation.

Currently, the resort has an existing cottages made out of light materials and semi- concrete. The upper portion of the resort is agricultural and grazing land with multi- purpose lease agreement such as reforestation project, wildlife sanctuaries preservation. It has abundant water supply even dry season. The hilly portion of the interior area of the property abounds with hard wood lumber materials and native bamboos naturally growing threat that can be used as materials for making sawali. On top of the place is a valley portion whereby beautiful distant sceneries like the West Philippine Sea, high mountains are seen. Possible air-strip can be constructed in the valley portion of the area. (For more details please see video and pictures on the place.) FLAG T application is still in the process for approval. Most the areas covered by the Alienable and Disposable Lands have been acquired by the corporation through purchase from previous occupants with waiver of rights and deed of sales.

It has also a multi-purpose lease agreement for the marine areas consisting of more than fifty (50) hectares intended for marine life sanctuaries preservation, coral reef preservation, and seaweeds farming is also feasible. It has a long golden sandy beaches consisting of around one kilometer in length.
One Hundred Sixty (160) hectares of the property are classified as Alienable and Disposable and the remaining Eighty-two (82) hectares are covered by the Lease Agreement which can be transferred to the new buyer for continuous lease and can be applied for stewardship with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The area covered by the lease is where the grazing land is located with several heads of cattle.

Prior to the conversion of Culion into a municipality during the late 1990’s by virtue of Republic Act 9032, the entire Culion Island Leper Colony reservation for people affected by leprosy, all lands and waters in said reservation were under the administrative control, supervision and management of the Department of Health through the Culion Sanitarium. Aside from persons affected by leprosy, there were also original inhabitants nomadically residing in different areas of the reservation, called the cultural minority people or the Tagbanuas. Hence, lepers and settlers in the reservation who have developed and occupied lands have been issued with Rights of Occupancy by the Culion Sanitarium-Department of Health.

When the transfer of authority from the Department of Health to the local government unit of Culion was issued in 1998 by virtue of DOH Administrative Order No. 20-A, Series of 1998, all Rights, Permits, contracts, Deed of Sale and other conveyances approved by the Culion Sanitariium-Department of Health were likewise transferred to the municipal government of Culion and these are now the basis for issuance of Tax Declarations by the Municipal Assessor’s Office.
Recent survey to private and government land

conducted by the DENR Cadastral Survey are still in the process of being applied for titling, hence, most lands in Culion are not yet titled but mere Rights from the Culion Sanitarium-Department of Health, Tax Declarations issued by the Assessor’s Office and DENR Certificate of Occupancy.


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